Friday, July 25, 2008

Sharks, Fingerprints and DVRs

We don't watch T.V. anymore. Sigh. We do however watch a lot of movies, read Entertainment magazine and blog incessantly. So today I was reading Entertainment magazine to familiarize myself with new releases to blog about and I came across an advertisement for Ward's favorite week on cable television, Shark Week. It begins on Sunday, so set your DVRs. I just know Ward is going to miss Myth Busters-Jaws Special. We may even use our DVR for the first time-if I can remember what the DirecTV guy told me about setting it up.

I am actual content with how little television we watch these days. We watch three or four movies a week (because we are cinemaphiles) but we do so after the children are asleep. The only show I really liked watching before we cut out ties with Television was C.S.I. Not Miami or New York, just the one set in Las Vegas and starring Gil Grissom. Well, in that same issue of Entertainment I read that Peterson is leaving the show. When Jorja Fox left last season I didn't think it would be long before the show went to pot. With Grissom leaving I am even more content with how little television we watch these days.

But about that shark week...

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