Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Spied

One of these in my garage. Right next to the dog crates. With her eggs near by. I sought the help of Ricky's Pest Control. When we came back into the garage it was gone. It knew we had come for it.

Ricky sought her out and did away with her.

Poor black widow's why do they have to be poisonous? And carry eggs. And lay said eggs in my garage of all places?

I know this will give me nightmares.

Did I mention I am scared of spiders? And absolutely horrified by Black Widows and Brown Recluse? This fear is right up there with my kneecaps falling off.


wesley's mom said...


Will an exterminator get rid of those?

Hoolie said...

I don't think I would sleep for weeks. I'm still horrified by the fat, hairy spider with her own egg sac I saw in my yet-to-be-built garden, and she was not poisonous. Good luck with getting rid of her/them. Are these pretty common in Virginia?

Ward and June said...

If he is your little brother, yes. Otherwise I don't really know.

Unfortunately, Black Widows are all too common in these here parts.

It was scary. Even for those not terrified of spiders. There is this movie called The Sweet Hereafter and I watched it when I was pregnant and there is this story told in it about this little girl who is bitten by a bunch of baby black widows in bed and ever since I have been even more terrified of them.