Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oops, She's Probably Going To Be Mad At Me

So this afternoon I was going through some things (and filing new things) I hold onto forever, Thank you notes, birthday cards, baby announcements. I love to hold onto things and look over them time and time again when I have the chance. I am a pack rat when it comes to these things. They bring back memories and make me feel like I have a lot of close friends and family.

So anyways they are in chronological order and I noticed that we got a lot of mail around the middle of September through early November so I opened a few of them to see what they were and realized that is when we told people we were having twins (we found out at 6 weeks but we waited until 19 weeks to spill the news, that's right for 13 weeks I had to keep the biggest secret EVER and it nearly killed me). So anyways I noticed we got two almost in a row from Ward's granny. So I re-opened the first one and it was a general congratulations card saying how happy they were for us. Then I re-opened the second one and do you know what I found?

That's right, our baby shower gift check. Dated October 25, 2007 and never cashed.

The letter said that we should open a savings account with is and my thank you note back said I thought that was a good idea. But now here it is almost 9 months later and I haven't cashed the check. Originally I thought I should wait until they were born and had social security numbers but when the twins were born and they did the partial labotomy I must have completely forgot about the check.

I wonder if they will even cash it now. She is probably going to be mad but Ward says I should try and cash it.

I am going to look through the other cards, maybe other people sent me things and there is a gold mine under my bed in those boxes.


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wesley's mom said...

I'm guessing that check was about $5.00 (maybe $10, five for each twin). Even so,I think you better let her know--or have her grandson let her know, lest she gets down to the Cracker Barrel and finds herself over drawn. That would be embarrassing!!(for her, not you, of course)