Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ready For Their Close-Up

So this morning I took the twins to have their 'six month' pictures taken. Before I ever got pregnant and then before I had the twins I always thought that I would take my children to have their picture taken like every month or at the very least every other month. But then we had the twins and it was winter and I was worried about RSV and the general public that we didn't even take them to have pictures taken until they were nine weeks old. And then it cost so much that I thought I may never get pictures taken professionally ever again. But alas, those kids are growing so darn fast and they are so darn cute that I decided to take them again.

So I scheduled two appointments within two weeks of each other at two different places. But then Coop and I took a tumble on the stairs and I cancelled the first one. One appointment is enough for this month. I just want to use all of those coupons they keep sending you in the mail. But I have decided that is never going to happen because the coupons are just bait. Once they lure you in they try and take you for every penny you own.

I learned, at least a little, with my first experience with professional picture taking (when the twins were nine weeks old, these were supposed to be 'six weeks' pictures but with is being winter, the children being twins and the RSV being rampant we held off a little longer) and I was determined to not be taken this time. I feel a little better about today's experience but I am still not sure if and when I will ever do it again. Bailey was feeling a little under the weather so she was a little difficult and we didn't get all the 'poses' the lady wanted but she held up pretty well for a pint size gal who hates to have her clothes changed and had them changed three times in thirty minutes (man, I am mean). When I sat down to chose the shots the lady told me that I could get all the picture for over $200. Really, does anyone ever buy these packages? Why must these pictures be so expensive and why can't I afford a camera that takes shots like theirs because I assure you there is nothing really special about the camera people taking these shots. I know that sounds mean but it is true.

So I spent way less than I could have, more than I wanted to and still didn't get all the poses or very many sizes. But how many 8x10s can a normal person hang on their wall. (I, for the record, am not a normal person.) I changed their outfits only twice but I didn't get the classic bathtub shot because Bailey had a meltdown that resulted in the session ending prematurely (in exactly whose opinion?). They take three shots of every pose, one together and then one of each child by themselves. No wonder it adds up so quickly, is it so much cheaper if you have only one baby? Is this why there are so many more shots of the first child in a family? After the second child professional portraits are just not feasible because you have to get a shot of every family member alone?

I sort of wish they would just sell me a CD of all the prints but that would be too easy. And they may not make as much money. But I hate being under pressure and last time it worked out for the studio because I wanted to have one of every shot of my beautiful children but this time I knew at least a little better and I refrained from ordering one of every single pose. But I still ordered way more than I needed probably. And they won't even be here until the end of the month and when they come in you have to have an appointment set up (so they can try and force more pictures of your children on you that you didn't order and if you don't buy them they will just throw them away) but that is the deal and everybody seems to know it. I may miss my appointment and just go in on a busy Saturday to pick my pictures up.

All morning I was thinking, I could do this and I could make money and still be so much cheaper. I wasn't trying to scheme. I doubt I will ever own my own studio but it just irritates me how difficult and expensive the whole studio portrait thing is.

Does that mean I am never going to do it again?

No, I will probably do it again in a month or so. I will just continue to complain about it on my blog.

If you know of any great (fair) studios or any suggestions on how to survive the experience PLEASE, let me know.

I told Ward today that for our Anniversary I want to get a family portrait done. I am thinking of using a local photographer and not one of the local Franchised bigger studios. I want someone who claims to be a real photographer to take this photo. It is one of the nice things about having the twins, taking a family portrait. I never took senior portraits or a bridal portrait and we don't even have any good wedding photos of the two of us hanging up. Other than wedding photos we probably have about four photos of us together (I am always behind the camera). He didn't resist. That's a good sign.

I am some sort of picture nut.

Or is it my oligomania running rampant?


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wesley's mom said...

I am going to e-mail you some links, with ideas. You can definetly take your own pictures of the kids, that will be just as good if not better than those "studio portraits". You should be able to get someone local to take your pictures and sell you the disc so you can order your own prints.