Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Thought He Was Kidding

So recently someone told Ward that Liberty University was going to open a year round ski-slope. Yes, you heard me right, a year round ski-slope in a region that gets coined often as having Goldilocks Weather. I thought it must be a joke, it sounded pretty funny. But nope, turns out this is really going to happen. As if those big stone monogram letters weren't enough reminder that LU controls this city, here is more proof.

I am really not that upset. I think Liberty does a lot of good things for the city. I don't personally miss having a Hooters beside O'Charley's and the fact that there is a tunnel under the expressway just for students to get to their dormitories is pretty impressive. And besides, I like skiing.

I mean I really like skiing. Ward and I used to do a lot of skiing before I got pregnant. I had actually gotten pretty good and we both bought skis three months before I finally got pregnant. We have half-heartedly joked that we are going to teach the kids to ski by age 3. Now we can teach them ANY time of the year.

Yep, this will really put us on the map. And to think the money for the project was 'anonymously donated'.

So when you guys come into town in mid-July to ski at the sinthetic ski slopes, look us up. We'll have you over for salad or something.



wesley's mom said...

You guys are so lucky, you get all the good stuff!

Here are some things I LOVE from the artical-
"Snowflex is usable year-round, except when temperatures dip below freezing and cause the wet surface to become icy,"

So you can ski anytime, except winter?

“For years, Christian education was seen as less than fun,” Falwell said. “We want to give students every reason to come here.”

Wow, I do agree that having a ski slope will get rid of that pesky idea that a "Christian Education" is less than fun.

And finally, what the heck? Plans for a "20,000-square-foot Barnes & Noble Evangelical Superstore"

Ward and June said...

I would personally like to see the "mountain coaster" over the huge B&N, but oh well.

I guess in winter you'll have to go to a real ski slope.