Monday, July 28, 2008

I've Got Something Unimportant To Say

I...gulp...don't have anything to say. Nope, all day I have tried to think up something blogworthy to tell you Internets about and I have come up with nothing.

I feel silly telling you that Jake got cut so short that when we picked him up I thought they had given him a new collar because I forgot what his looked like, what with all the hair.

I feel childish telling you that when we got home that evening I made 'Jake Just Got a New Haircut Cookies' just to use my sweet Kitchenaid Mixer. I don't however, mind adding that they were delicous.

I feel absurd telling you how p.o.ed I was with my mother-in-law for calling the house and our cell phones 11 times in 3 minutes on Sunday trying to reach us to tell us that she was coming over immediately thus waking the babies and wrecking havoc on my afternoon.

I feel moronic telling you that Coop has started crawling and that Bailey can more backwards in such a way that I wonder if she has been secretly watching the video for 'Thriller'.

I feel frivolous telling you that I had the twins picture taken again this morning, this time at Wal-mart just to compare them with Olan Mills and Sear's. I will choose Sear's in the future.

I feel simple telling you that we finally recieved our stimulus check in the mail. You know that one that was supposed to be here mid-May. But then I guess that is Ward's fault and his 99 ending social security number.

I feel wacky telling you that Obama Supporters called this evening trying to get more money out of me. Not until you choose a running mate Senator.

I feel fatuous telling you that I took some 700 photos this weekend. Of which only about 30 were any good.

I feel childlike pointing out that my mother is now a week late for her visit. But maybe she meant July 21, 2009.

If only I had something important to say.

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wesley's mom said...

Your mother-in-law sounds charming, maybe you can introduce me some time.

I want to see some video of that Micheal Jackson crawling technique.
I thought they weren't allowed to watch MTV.

You need to skip sears and olan mills(gag) and the wal-mart and take them out to that train track and take their pictures, that would be sooo cute.--I'm not kidding either. Your pictures are great.

Sorry about your mom, but at least you got to see mine.