Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So I'm Putting Together a Cookbook

We are in the habit of really celebrating the wonderfully things around us by creating a new recipe. Who could forget Jake Just Got A New Haircut Cookies (intrinsically Chocolate Chip Oatmeal) to celebrate our Springer Spaniel finally getting a haircut after 8 months and hairs up to 11 inches long or Water On Mars Loaf (coconut bread with pecans or walnuts, depending on my mood) celebrating well…water on Mars.

Today we are so excited to celebrate No Pants Wednesday that we made a No-Pants-Wednesday-Casserolet (lots of foods usually served separately but put in a 9x13 pan for convenience!).

Unfortunately, it was decided that we should keep our pants on until AFTER dinner was cooked, you know for sanitary reasons and all.


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James said...

In ancient times, pant weren't put on in the morning to begin with, but I think now only the Russian Orthodox No-Pantsers still remove their pants before dinner.