Friday, September 19, 2008

All you need is love and a few friends.

When I started to going to Bunco a year and a half ago, I wasn't pregnant (though I wanted to be desperately) and we were still a semi-social couple. I was drawn in by the 'theme' aspect I believe, I really overdid that first month. I think everyone remembers my first time. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning the game. Many of the girls, but not all of them, were mothers so when I got pregnant I felt like even more of the members began opening up to me.

I had always thought that when Cooper and Bailey arrived I would stop going to Bunco. I thought I would be too needed at home to go out socializing with the Bunco Babes. But by the time Christmas rolled around I was starting to get sad by the idea of giving up this once a month event. And then the twins were born and a girlfriend of mine sent out the email with the details and pictures of the twins to all the members and I got a flood of beautiful emails and comments. I really felt a part of the group. I don't often feel part of any group. It was nice.

By six weeks post partum I was really missing Bunco, the people more than the game though. Ward told me I should go. I was welcomed back with open arms and questions about the new bundles I had at home. Then in March they threw me and two other girls a surprise shower, have I mentioned I love surprises?

Since the twins have been born I have gone five times and I feel like every month I get closer and closer to the women there, they are so friendly and don't mind my babbling and rambling (have I mentioned I talk too much?). Last night there was only a small group of women but it was really intimate feeling and I had several intimate conversations with people where I felt like the bridge was crossed between acquaintances and true friends.

On the way home I was thinking about how much I really enjoy Bunco, the game, the girls, the whole package. In the past few months I have been becoming more and more of a homebody, but going to Bunco feels really nice. I love talking with the other mothers and getting advice, I love talking about good books, and relationships. I feel like with everything else going on in the world and our private lives having people to talk to can really brighten the day.

Next month, Bunco is at our house for the first time!


Heather said...

Oh you sweet sweet thing! I loved reading this entry...I read it to Gregg and cried. Is that totally dorky of me, or what? I'm glad you're still coming to Bunko, and as long as I have anything to do with it, I'm going to always make sure you're coming! I can't wait to come to your house next month...will it be a Halloween theme, as usual? I also would love if we started a book club...I'm going to email you some info today! :)

Love ya!

Heather :)

Ward and June said...

How sweet, thanks! It's nice to know people are out there reading and I don't plan on not coming to Bunco.

And next month, it will DEFINITELY be a Halloween theme, so come OVERDRESSED, I would love it!!!

Book club, book club? Yes! Yes!