Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Just Can't Seem to Shut Up

Several times in the last week or so I have found myself in conversation with people just babbling as if I had no sense at all. I will just be rambling away and in my head I am saying; Just shut up, Now. Now, would be a really good time to stop talking. But what do I do? I keep on and keep on.

Maybe I don't get out enough. Maybe I kept so much of my life a secret from everyone for so long that I don't want to keep secrets anymore. Maybe I have shared so much on my blog that I have no filtering abilities left in me. Maybe I should just think more and speak less, I mean that sounds like a fine idea in theory. Why can't I follow through?

I used to be more quiet, shy even. I used to keep everything a secret. I used to keep a daily journal adamantly, maybe I should return to my roots.

So if in the last few days you have been carrying on a conversation with me and been offended or shocked by some stupid/silly/annoying thing I said, I apologize.

I appear to be broken in more ways than one.


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