Monday, September 15, 2008

Playground Update #4

With playgroup set to meet here October 20th and a Halloween Party scheduled for October 25th, Ward is really feeling the pressure to have the playground closer to complete. This weekend he worked on it both Saturday and Sunday morning.

This is the entrance to the first level of Tower A, nice little covered porch.

This is a shot taken from the porch to get a better feel of the whole project, you can barely even see the leaning tower of old in our neighbor's yard.

This slide was on our nieghbor's soon-to-be-demolished playset, so they gave it to us. It needs a good pressure washing. This photo gives you a good idea of what became of the road pipe, in case you were wondering.

Love the windows. We bought this slide from Lowe's, I think it is sloped higher than it needs to be, but I am not on the Playground committee.

The ship is next.

These are just some shots of the playground from far away and the backyard. We went walking Saturday night and I noticed that the backyard looks really good despite the two month drought we had and with all the leaves, the playground is barely visibly (I am a little worried that the 'neighborhood architectural committee is going to say something about the U.S.S. Deathtrap).

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James said...

Whew. I was starting to go through playground update withdrawal. Continues to look awesomer and awesomer.