Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Just Hair, It'll Grow Back Right?

If you were to call me on the phone right now, this is how the conversation might go:

U: How are you?

Me: I was OK, until I went to the salon and ASKED for the lady to chop off all of my hair and give me BANGS. (And I mean ALL OFF and BANGS!)

U: What possessed you to do that? Did you even ask the magic 8 Ball? (That's what you would perhaps say if you were married to me).

or, you may say this:

U: You know, if you were feeling wild and crazy you could have always gotten clip on bangs.

To which I would have replied,

Me: Are you serious?

To which you would have replied.

U: Yes, really.

or, you may say this:

U: Oh, I am sure they don't look that bad, I am sure they look just stunning. You are over reacting, like ALWAYS (and you would shake your head like I could see you, but I can't because we are on the phone, remember?)

To which I would know you were lying. What you would really be thinking is, Why, June, You have that really small forehead and bangs are for eight year olds or hot chicks in Hollywood who can afford extentions if their hair cuts go bad.

There is a good reason I haven't had bangs since 5th grade, I just forgot that reason. But this, this has been a good reminder and I seriously doubt I will need another. Ever again.



wesley's mom said...

I have bangs and I love them. I like hiding that much of my face.

Send me a picture.

Hoolie said...

Where's the picture?!?!

Ward and June said...

It's so bad I don't want to leave my house until it grows back and you think I am going to post a picture on the Grande Ole Internet!!

The closest you will probably get to seeing my chopped off Velma hair do is GoodReads.

That vow of having my picture taken? It's currently been put on hold.

And Wesley's Mom, I looked at your latest picture on your family blog and you're bangs look good. I have a 3/4 inch forehead, mine does not look good.

wesley's mom said...

Hey, I looked at the Goodreads picture, it's cute, not Velmaish at all.

Coincidentally, speaking of Velma,without even seeing your picture, Eli made me go rent ScoobyDoo2-Monsters Unleashed (he always says the WHOLE name like that)today. Possibly one of the top 10 stupidest movies EVER.

wesley's mom said...

Ew, I just clicked on the clip on bangs thing, I don't know which is more distubing, the freaky model or the fact that they cost 32.00$