Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Guess It Could Be My Fault

Do you remember that election a few years ago? The one where the one guy almost won but didn't because the other guy won instead. Well, perhaps I could have done something about that. You see, I choose to vote Independently that year, or as my wife and sister call it; I threw my vote away.

By the way, if Nader were running this year I would vote for him again. In a heartbeat. This year I happen to not like the Green Party Ticket any better than the (D) or the (R). I guess that there is always the Libertarian Party.

Am I throwing my vote away? Perhaps that should be the topic of our next blog poll. I think not. I think that we, as Americans, deserve better than this crooked two party system which is bent on creating powerful politicians and ignoring the need for decent leadership. How can 'CHANGE' happen when our country is run by two power hungry political machines that are so entrenched in Washington that the only thing they worry about is the next election and earmark spending?

I did not throw my vote away. And I will not this year. What would you have me do? Vote for the Independently Minded Republican, who decides to tow the Party Line as soon as he is nominated, forgetting all of that nonsense of bipartisanism? Or should I vote for the Democratic Cult of Personality? The more I think about it the more I realize that all of the things that Obama says that I agree with are really just election banter. Nothing is going to change. Except which Party gets a turn to rape America for the next four years.

Obama is just like JFK (I know that I'm probably about to offend some people now), and I don't mean that in a good way. Looks good, sounds good, people love him, and he does whatever the Party tells him to. That is my problem with both major US political parties, they are like exclusive clubs where you have to follow their rules or leave.

If anyone out there can give me a good reason why our two party system is the best way to govern, and not a blight on the democratic process I would love to hear it. Why are independent candidates not invited to debates? Or even allowed on most ballots? Otherwise, I will continue to vote for a new status quo. My vote for Ralph Nader (or whoever it may be this year) is a vote of dissention. A vote of disappointment and disapproval for our current system.

Think about it. That's all that I ask.


Ward and June said...

If Barack Obama loses I am going to hold you personally responsible.

Just kidding.

It isn't our government's fault entirely that we are a bipartisan country but more than that it is us, as individuals, who have allowed it our country to focus on only two parties and let the other parties go by the wayside. I believe that your choice to vote for the Libertarian party just because you are annoyed at the bipartisan way our country has decided to go is just as bad. You aren't promoting a politician, you haven't come across some one with the same ideals as yourself, you have decided to vote Libertarian to prove a point and I think that is wasting your vote. If you are upset with the 'politics as usual' route that is fine, but you seem to be more about anti-partisan than a set of ideals. You sound like a cynic, a hopeless, the country is lost, cynic and I won't have it. I want the hope and change that Barack is selling. As I've said before what do I have to lose, the worst that could happen is that I could be wrong about him, that is a chance I am willing to take. I don't agree with you that he is just spouting what his party tells him to.

In the past I could agree with you, I too am disappointed in the two party system, I agree that other parties candidates should be allowed on ballots and invited to debates but you sound like you assume that everyone is just voting republican or democrat because they are registered to vote that way and I am not. I have listened to as much as I can for both sides and I like to think that I am making an educated decision, not a partisan one.

Oh, and Al Gore supporters we live in Nebraska.

What an interesting two months we are going to have.

wesley's mom said...

I can hardly think about anything else. If you have a plan I'd love to hear it.

PS Ronald Reagan had GREAT hair.

Ward and June said...

I agree that it is our fault as American voters that two parties have taken control of government. I'm doing my part to change that.

And I do believe in the Liertarian Message, even if I'm not yet well informed about the candidate. I like the idea of smaller government, who doesn't love less buerocracy? And I also love the Fair Tax. I think that anyone who doesn't know about it should learn about it, but you'll never hear about it in a Debate.

Maybe I have lost hope as you say, but look at it this way, if Obama suprises me then we're all in for better times. I just don't have that kind of faith.

So in my opinion those of you voting for the Pawns of the Machines are the ones throwing votes away.

We could all sit at home and watch nothing change.


James said...

I voted Nader, too. It's not throwing a vote away. To me, the notion alone that someone believes any vote, no matter who it is for, is a throw away vote is incomprehensible. "You can't vote for whoever you want," sure sounds like a serious fundamental problem to me.

Hoolie said...

You are NOT throwing away your vote - that idea is most certainly partisan. That is to say that if you don't vote for a Democrat or Republican your vote has no meaning. Vote how you want to vote.

Unlike you and James, I am not entirely convinced that a two-party system is ALL bad. It certainly has its drawbacks. I don't think it means that things are black or white, rather I think (or like to think) that its purpose is to provide boundaries for government that, in its absence, could lead to the development of so many special interest-led parties nothing would ever be accomplished.

Yes, many politicians are corrupt and simply seek power; however, many also champion causes they believe are better for our country, not just because it helps build their political resume.

I like to hear what they have to say, research what they have done, and choose the candidate with whom I can most identify.

Sorry Obama supporters, this is one man with whom I cannot identify.