Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Addiction May Pay Off

As we all know, I am addicted to one thing, Cherry Coke. Take away T.V., fine. Take away high fat delicious foods, fine (Yeah right, Cherry Coke and Pizza were made for one another). Take away shopping, fine (Yeah right, I have oniomania, remember). Take away alcohol, fine. Take away my Cherry Coke, you'd better be armed because I'm not going to be happy. Recently, Cherry Coke was on sale at the local Kroger, $.89 a piece. I was trying to get everyone to bring me four (the limit per day) last night, I was even going to pay them, but all the Kroger's were sold out. That's OK, I managed to purchase twelve since I found out about the sale which should last about 8 days (I'm a mother of twins folks, I NEED the caffeine!)

So we had been collecting the coke caps for one of Ward's employees father. I've been drinking Coke forever and just throwing away those tops but when we thought we would save them for someone else we made an effort to keep all the caps from all the Coke products we've been drinking. Well this morning we realized that the bag was overflowing and we decided to go ahead and register on and see what we could get with the collected caps.

Well you can only enter 10 caps a day, so it's going to take the better part of two weeks to enter in all the caps I have collected thus far (and we've only been collecting since January) and each cap only earns you 3 points. But today I am 30 points towards a Tom Tom or 19" Samsung HDTV (because Heaven knows we need another T.V. to not watch).

I am going for the Tom Tom, at 7,316 I only need 7,286 more points. That's only another 2,429 more 20 oz. or 2-Liters of Cherry Coke. Now those 20 oz. and 2-Liters are going to cost me about $3,000 which will make it the most expensive GPS on the market probably but now I have even more incentive to drink up. I figure it will take me about 1,944 days to drink that many 2-Liters at the rate I am going, so in about 51/2 years I may actually have a Tom Tom. Not really because I am sure Coke will change the program long before I reach my goal. (By then though my Flying Toyota Sequoia will have auto pilot and I won't need to drive yet alone find out how to get where I am going.)

So I will probably end up with Coke Baseball Caps and Coke T-shirts (which will only benefit the Coke company further). I swear they must still add Cocaine to that stuff.


P.S. If you WANT to donate any caps you won't be using yourself I will make the effort (I make no promises) to use my Tom Tom to come by your house (as long as I am invited) and Thank You personally.

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Ward and June said...

Ladies and Gentlemen! May I introduce to you the Amazing Oligomaniac! Watch as she seamlessly bounces from one silly obession to the next. It's so Spectacular that you won't believe your eyes.