Sunday, March 16, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

This weekend we accomplished many things.

As I am one who loves to make lists here's one.

1.On Friday I went to the bank to make a deposit and ran into 3 of our employees cashing their checks, and by cashing I mean taking the dough not making a deposit. One of the employees missed a day this week because his wife was out of town and their three-year old daughter was "kicking his butt", she wouldn't finish her breakfast or get dressed for school. The guy is a know it all, always telling you what you should do and illustrating how much more intelligent he is than whoever he is talking to. But he can't handle his own daughter. He loves to talk about how his daughter was potty trained by age two but I would guess that had very little to do with his involvement. Recently, he went on vacation for a week, snowboarding in Utah, without his wife or daughter. I imagine there is really only one active parent in that household and at age three his daughter probably thinks the same thing.

2. I made cookies from questionable dough. The dough hasn't "expired" but it has sort of changed colors. This would never happen at my sister's house, they would never allow dough to reach the "best by" date. As a side note though I would like to add that I have been using my Kitchenaid Mixer to make homemade cookies. The questionable cookies were not bad though, if we get food poisoning I'll let you know.

3. Ward made dinner tonight. I know it's sad but I love tater tots. It's a wonder how two people who eat loads of cookies, frozen pizza, cherry coke and a whole lot else aren't bigger (we are headed in that direction though). You would think that as lovers of literature and history and science and knowledge in general, we would be more health conscience. I like naked juice for example, but is 16 oz. of that stuff at a time really that good for you?
4. We made a T.T.D.B.J.A.M.C.T.S. (Things To Do Before Jon and Misty Come This Summer) list today, basically it's a revised spring cleaning list with a later deadline. We started organizing the garage today and I wore this shirt. I thought it was funny when I bought it pre-election 2004, but then Kerry lost and I just felt stupid ever wearing it. Plus around here this shirt is like wearing a big anti-South shirt, you just don’t do it. I was a little embarrassed wearing it to clean the garage.

5. We've decided to add on to our house. By add on, I mean Ward is going to build a little deck onto the side of our garage for trash bins and pet water bowls. Of course this is on the same list as building the mega playground and those bookshelves, so it may be a while.

6. While organizing the game area in the basement, Ward found that old archaic camera of my dad's I was telling you about. My brother must have brought it over because I haven't seen it in some time. Someone hasn't been giving it much love though, the lens is dented and pretty badly scratched, poor old thing. Man I love that strap.

7. Ward started on the bookshelves, but only because he's anxious to get started on the playground, which seems to get larger by the hour. The bookshelves are higher up on the list than the playground (X-man's birthday is in a little over a month and the twins are only ten weeks old and can wait a little while for their massive pirate-ship-tower-crazy play yard).
8. We are looking for extra space to store all the playground equipment. The dining room looks like that space right now. We have decide though to move the office into the bonus area above the garage and make the now office a play room, another thing added to the very, very long list that is always growing, never shortening.
9. Ah, the battle over the dining room table is over. I won!
I felt really bad for Ward though because the battle was only just beginning, but he's OK, the playground has him pretty preoccupied. He also recently made the decision to re-work his novel into a trilogy (possible explanation for his recent absence on blogger?)
10. I made plans for Monday to go to the grocery store with my sister. We didn't get around to it this weekend and one person cannot attempt the grocery store with twins who can't yet sit and need to ride in a car seat. The car seats take up any space in the cart that would be available for groceries. We're having lunch at her house and then going to the grocery store. No La Carreta I'm afraid. Taking three under one to a mexican restaurant is just not as fun as it sounds.

11. We FINALLY took the coffee maker I bought eight months ago out of it's box and put it on the counter. Why? Because Grandpa is coming for Easter and has a tendency to spill coffee everywhere. I bought this carafe style coffee pot months ago but have just been a little intimidated by it's modern look to unpackage it. But with the twins here now and so little time I figure I need it so we won't be following behind Grandpa cleaning up spilt coffee.

12. I took, let's see, I think about 150 pictures this weekend as well. My oligomania would explain why there are so many pictures of what we did this weekend in this post. Every time someone turned around I had my camera ready. The lady at the bank gave me a very funny look when I snapped a picture of her ATM card. As a rule (for at least the next few weeks) prepare to see a lot of photos in posts, I just can't seem to help myself. Yesterday we went to Ritz and the lady there seems to know me, not because we're friends but because I am developing about 100 pictures a month there. I know you're proabably wondering why because they're digital. I am old fashioned I suppose, I want tangible shots in photo albums on my custom built (but not by Ethan Allen) bookshelves.

Next weekend, we plan on getting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done because we're having family in.



James said...

OK, now seeing some pirate ship drawings I'm getting really jealous. I could probably come up with some pretty cool designs, but given my amateur status in construction, if I went with a ship theme I'd probably have to christen her the S.S. Deathtrap. Hmmm... still might be worth it.

By the way, June, you sound like my wife with this need to have physical prints of pictures. However, she waits until she has several hundred and prints them all at once. I swear I've seen receipts for $200 worth of prints. I don't care to think about how many of them have ever actually made it into an album.

Ward and June said...

Our twins are 10 weeks old and she has already filled 1 1/2 albums. At this rate we're going to have to add on to the house by the time they're six just to store photo albums. Did I mention that my wife has a bit of an obsessive streak.

I might have to steal your ship name. I haven't been able to come up with anything cool yet.


wesley's mom said...

Those are some SERIOUS playhouse plans. I think you should have a contest to find a name for your ship.

I am a huge list maker. I love making lists, and crossing things off. It's PROOF that you've acccomplished something.

I would like to discuss that Triolgy.

wesley's mom said...

Oh, I forgot.

That's a lot of tots!!

I am impressed by your combined ability to consume massive amounts of starch.