Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Light Rejuvenates

See folks this morning I am much cheerier.

Who wouldn't be with a list like this to accomplish today:

  • Clean bathrooms, my favorite, especially the toilets and the wall around them, am I right?
  • Reseal grout- a good idea, note previous bullet
  • Laundry- you can't cross this off your list ever, like the song that never ends, just as annoying and never ending
  • Mop- not so bad just time consuming
  • Make the bed -this is a fluffer to make myself feel better if I don't get everything else done
  • Clean appliances and coutertops- so that Grandpa Tony will have a clean slate to work with on Sunday
  • De-clutter- and spend this time wondering why I buy anything, ever
  • Organize the nursery and office- and realize I need to buy more stuff with which to organize more efficiently
  • Change 35 diapers - not going to happen but a friend of mine told the ladies at Bunko this is how many diapers I change a day, unfortunately I am not a master at schedules and my children don't get their diaper changed every 1.5 hours
  • Make a list for target- this could be the highlight of this list for me
  • Vacuum - and hence listen to wailing babies
  • Do all this and spend as much time with my children- Good luck to me



James said...

You're supposed to change diapers every 1.5 hours. I thought it was once in the morning and once at night. Kinda like brushing your teeth.

Ward and June said...

Or after every meal?