Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Tuesday

It is Tuesday. And all of the house guests are gone with the exception of my brother who is more like a resident here with his own bedroom and the responsibility of trash duty. I love my family and I hadn’t seen my dad or grandmother since the day the twins were born but having our house back to us after a couple of days is relieving. Especially now that we have children, it used to be that we could just drop (pretty much) everything for their visits but now with the twins we have a routine that we like to adhere to. This weekend was the first time taking the babies out to a restaurant and we did it twice. We learned a few things the first time so the second time we went somewhere that is almost fast food (Moe’s) and I scouted the place out before the rest of the family was even unloaded. We introduced the twins to lots of new family, great aunts, first cousins once removed, that sort of thing. We even, drum roll please, watched a movie. It was our first movie this year (besides those five minutes of Once) and even though Trauma woke up one of us fed the boy as the other distracted the other movie goers with buttery popcorn, Cherry M&Ms and Cherry Coke (if it isn’t bad for you, we don’t buy it). Within fifteen minutes we were back to the movie. We watched Reign Over Me (very sad) because it is one of the oldest movies we have but haven’t seen. We have also purchased yet have not taken the time to view No Country For Old Men, Dan In Real Life, Once, Michael Clayton, Martian Child, American Gangster and The Good Shepherd. The movie was a big production. Because we can’t watch a movie in the media room where the projector is located because the monitor’s don’t work that far away we had to watch it on the television in the family room. We moved baby swings and bouncers, sofas and ottomans so that everyone could enjoy the viewing experience (even my grandmother whose Macular Degeneration makes it difficult to see anything).

It is Tuesday. The weekend is long gone but I feel like we really didn’t have one. I am no more rested than I was on Friday, more tired actually. We built decks and bookshelves, baked cookies and pies, made Macaroni and Cheese, but we didn’t rest. A three day weekend should be more than enough to catch up on rest but we did anything but. We stayed up late making movie lists and framing pictures that we never got around to hanging. We stayed up late talking to family. We stayed up late to watch that movie. But the babies got up early regardless of when we went to bed.

It is Tuesday. I am already one day behind on the cleaning and there is more to do this week than normal because of house guests who inhabit parts of the house that are otherwise vacant. Soon I am afraid it will be Wednesday.



wesley's mom said...

How does that "once removed" cousin thing work? I have a couple of relatives I'd like to remove. And is it a one time thing or do you have to remove them more than once?

I know what you mean about being tired and behind. I am still tired and I never catch up as it is, I really just want a nap.

Glad you got to watch a movie. I haven't seen that one. Sylvan is reading No Country for Old Men right now and he wants to see it, but I don't do violence very well so he'll probably be watching it alone.

Ward and June said...

There is one cousin that should be removed again. And some family members (mother-in-law) who has voluntarily removed herself from all family functions.