Friday, February 20, 2009

You Didn't Think I'd Stop Blogging Did You?

Because I'm not. I've been wanting to change my url for a while anyways, I just didn't want to lose all of my many readers. Now that it appears I am more popular than ever, I figured I would go ahead and change that URL. Unfortunately, everyone is so crazy and wise ass were already taken so I really had to dig deep to find something that would work.

Then I thought of this, and it just seemed so...I don't know fitting?

I have changed my philosophy on life and blogging over the past few days and I am really hoping that good change will come from this disaster upon us. I was able to import all of my blogs to my new blog and am in the process of going through every single one of them. But I have two kids and an increasingly dirty house and a lot of those posts weren't very good so I may just give up in the next day or so. I don't imagine I will have many other readers who want to read my entire blog catalog the whole way through, maybe even twice, so I am not too worried about losing a portion of my old posts.

So I've changed my url, and my profile name, and my mission statement, but other than that it's the same as it ever was.


wesley's mom said...

I don't have anything witty to say. I just wanted to be the first to follow AND first to comment.

Cheryle said...

Oh, thanks so much to "Wesley's Mom" for giving me your new url! I thought I'd lost you and I would have missed you!