Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where else can I read?

I love to read. I read a lot. I can't just read anywhere however, not for any length of time. Before I became pregnant with the twins I used to take baths and read, it was sometimes the highlight of my day. When I became pregnant I was told, by someone whom I can't recall, that I shouldn't take baths, so for weeks I refrained but when leg cramps set in, I was really missing our jetted tub. Finally, around 14 weeks I asked my doctor. I don't know why I waited this long but I finally just went ahead and asked and she gave me the go ahead. For the remainder of my pregnancy I remained in the tub, sometime taking 4 baths a day, especially in the very end. It was the only time I felt anything near good.

And I read about four dozen books as well as completed a lot of crossword puzzles (until I fell asleep and dropped my book in the tub). But as soon as the babies were born my life completely changed. I could no longer take two hour long baths. Or even thirty minute ones. It was one of the hardest things to deal with, I know that sounds silly but it was. I remember the day after I came home crying at the sight of the tub remembering all those late nights with just me and the babies. They moved more at night than any other time. I remember the rolling and poking like it was yesterday.

In the past few months with the kids sleeping from about 8-8 I have slowly squeezed in more and more baths. After I found out I was pregnant and I started getting nauseous the tub is where I would head (it eased my stomach more often than not). And I find I have been reading a lot more, already four books this month. My baths are my quiet me time. It's the thing I do for myself.

I can sometimes stay in the tub for two hours when I'm reading a good book. I just prop my feet up so they don't get wrinkled and immerse myself in a good novel. I wish there was some other place for me to read but it seems that the bath is more comfortable than any other spot in the house for reading.

It's probably time I got a new crossword puzzle book, too. I got really addicted the last time I was pregnant and haven't done one since I dropped the other one in the water.

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