Sunday, February 22, 2009

If the shoe fits it might fall off.

Cooper has wide fat feet that make it hard to shoe him. The length of his feet would make him maybe a size four or five but the width of them make those sizes too small. We have bought the kid numerous shoes just to see him outgrow them with little or no wear. In November, when we were Christmas shopping at Potomac Mills we got each of the kids Vans from the Van Outlet. They were cute, especially Bailey's, but they weren't exactly cheap. Coop has worn them about three times since Christmas. They are easy to put on him, but that also makes them easy to slip off.

Yesterday we went out for a quick morning run to Toys 'R Us and Sam's. When we were leaving Sam's and putting Cooper in the car I noticed one of his shoes missing. People always seem to point this out when I have confiscated one of his shoes but Saturday it went unnoticed by everyone. I immediately went back in and covered every square inch of the store and asked at Customer Service with no luck. When I got to the car with no shoe Todd went back in to look. Neither of us had any luck finding the shoe and being unable to give up the search for this $12 shoe we headed back to Toys 'R Us. I scoured the parking lot, the carts, every aisle we'd been on and even some we hadn't as well as leaving my name and number with the manager. I know I sound desperate but we're in a recession and I really didn't feel like parting with those shoes this soon.

We have decided there is now a $20 limit on our kids shoes until, I don't know grade school, and that slip-ons are maybe not the best choice for Cooper despite how adorable they appear in a little box.

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