Monday, February 23, 2009

Gosh I'm Getting Old

This morning I was perusing some blogs of my friends and family when I came upon my nieces most recent post. In it she used a term that I did not understand and decided to look on-line for some sort of translation. My buddy Ed had told me about this site called Urban Dictionary so I went there to look up the term.

It appears that bomb dot com is a term meaning better than the rest and is usually saved for only the coolest people and things. For example, That muffin was the bomb dot com.

The main reason I was interested is because this has happened to me a lot lately. I have come across blogs or been having conversations with people that I didn't even understand because of the terminology. I feel like I am so behind on the times.

Urban Dictionary can be very helpful in these situations and I have already learned quite a bit.

For example I learned about laundry limbo (rewashing clothes because you're too lazy to put them away) and kitchenheimer's (when you can't recall why you're in the kitchen) and cybersplode (to explode in anger over something read on the internet).

I wish I'd known about cybersploding last week.



wesley's mom said...

I thought that laundry thing was just known as "Method 53" from the how to drive your mother insane handbook. Good to know it has a name.

As for cybersploding, at least now you will know what to call it when you write your memoirs.

Cheryle said...

Oh, did this make me laugh! If you think it's bad now, wait till you're MY age! At 61, I don't know 90% of the people in the "People" column, and I'm nearly hopeless with the new "lingo." (But I still use "lingo"!)

Thanks for the morning chuckle.