Monday, February 2, 2009

Song 6

Ward and I have very similar music tastes-for the most part. But sometimes we see things so completely different it's surprising. He, for one, loves Tom Waits. I have grown to stomach Waits because my husband is such an avid fan. I like The Smiths, he prefers Morrissey solo. One place we have never come to terms over is Simon and Garfunkel. He believes the only good that ever came out of their union was Simon's solo career. I beleive that the two made a lot of beautiful music together. Sorry hun, this is a classic. Is now, hopefully always will be.

Simon and Garfunkel "The Sound of Silence"

It may also surprise you to know that I also love The Everly Brothers.


Ward and June said...

If Art wasn’t so ridiculously hansom, Paul would never have partnered with the talentless bum.

wesley's mom said...

While I will agree that I enjoy Paul Simon alone, I love this song, and I think as a pair Simon and Garfunkel are lovely.

Tom Waits however is a mystery to me.