Friday, February 6, 2009

Really, I'm Not Ignoring Them

If you have noticed that I have posted like four blog posts today and if you happen to be the recipient of upteen emails from me this afternoon you may have begun to wonder if I am totally neglecting my children. OK, some of you may already be thinking that, but the truth is my children won't stop sleeping. They MUST be going through a growing spurt. This morning they slept until 9 am. More than 13 hours. I don't think they've ever slept that long. And then this afternoon they have been asleep for almost three hours. I probably should wake them.

We had plans to actually leave the house tomorrow. Not without our kids but we had been invited to someone else's house to play games. I just got an email cancelling because the person may be getting a cold and doesn't want to get 'mommy' (me) sick. Now I appreciate the thought, really I do, but sometimes I wonder if the "i may be getting sick and don't want to get you sick" is code for "someone cooler and with less children invited us to hang out and we are totally there". We'll be OK, this happens to us all the time. We appear to be getting less and less cool all the time.

A child is crying. Finally. Someone to play with.


wesley's mom said...

Huh, I have no excuse at all for the excessive commenting and e-mailing i've been doing today.

I just thought you were trying to make nice after yesterday when you said "I can't just sit around and check my e-mail all day."

wesley's mom said...

HEY! where are your songs?