Monday, January 19, 2009

Because You Can't Shut Her Up When She Has Something On Her Mind.

A guest post from Todd’s favorite sister.

Dear Anonymous’s,

I’ve noticed a trend over here the past few days. It seems that some people have “stumbled” upon this blog that belongs to my favorite brother and my favorite sister-in-law. And some of those stumblers have read some things they didn’t like. I get that. Nobody likes to hear that they are annoying, or insensitive, or that someone thinks they are goofy. Nobody likes to hear it, but I promise you, everyone is to someone. Sometimes we even annoy or embarrass or offend our friends or our family. Heaven help me, I do it on a regular basis. We usually don’t mean to, at least I hope we don’t. In fact, I’d say, often the things that bug others are things we aren’t even aware we are doing.

I would be willing to bet that those same people who have “anonymously” commented here and gotten themselves in a snit have, at some point, vented at work, or the park, or at a family party, or the most unforgivable of all, to mutual friends over lunch. Maybe you have even had a laugh at the expense of my favorite sister-in-law here. Who knows, maybe you and she have had a nice chat about me, though I’d be hard pressed to believe that, as I am practically perfect in every way.

At the risk of offending even more of Alexis’ family and friends I’m here to stick up for her. I want you to know, that she loves her family, every one of them, even the ones who can be hard to love sometimes. Try as I might to lure her here to the land of forever blazing summer, she won’t budge, nothing could pull her away from her sister, her brother, her nephew who she adores, her parents who she longs to understand and have in her children’s lives, and her grandmothers’ who both mean the world to her.

She loves her friends too. All of you. Even the nutty ones. She loves that she has known you forever and that you have known her forever. She loves your children. She puts up with your husbands (I’m kidding, she thinks your husbands are great, really). Sure you get on her nerves sometimes; I bet she gets on yours once in a while too. That’s what friends do.

All I’m saying here is that you guys are all pretty lucky to have Alexis in your lives. If I could live down the street from her and my favorite brother and those twins I would be willing to put up with being mocked on the internet every now and again. It’s a small price to pay. You should thank your lucky stars, and before you start throwing stones, you might want to make sure you aren’t living in a glass house, if you know what I mean.

Yours truly,
Bailey and Cooper’s favorite aunt

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