Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Do you want to know how cold it is here in Virginia? Well, Monday afternoon we put a bag of ice that we no longer had room in the freezer for outside and now, Thursday afternoon, we still have a bag of ice.

It still hasn't snowed but county schools are closing school tomorrow because it's so cold they don't want to make students stand at the bus stop for the bus. I guess they also figure that they have those 15 snow days built in and it looks like they may not get to use any of them.

Tonight is Bunko. The theme. Blue with white snowflakes. In hopes that we will see snow.

I think I may be the only one that is OK without any snow. I mean I was expecting a bad winter what with all the acorns and the Farmer's Almanac and all, but then again it is only January 15th.


wesley's mom said...

I hate cold, and snow-ick!! I can stand it for about one round of wet socks and mittens.

They never cancel school here. Even when it's 120 degrees our kids walk to school, uphill, both ways.

Ward and June said..., blindfolded and carrying two bushels of corn.