Monday, January 26, 2009


So some of you are probably wondering what has happened to me, not even a video posted in a week. Well it turns out that a few days of feeling OK were followed by several much longer days of the flu. It was my second time with the flu this winter, I thought I'd already paid my dues for this year but apparently not. Today is the first day I have been back into rotation entirely. I hate to sound silly but I am really lucky, luckier than I really thought I was. Between my husband, mother-in-law and sister I was able to do (or get done) some things that really needed to be done. Ward washed the heap of dirty clothes that were growing exponentially and I have been spending the morning tackling the clean heap. I was going to take a picture but I was honestly too embarassed.

Because it's really cold here in Virginia (there is a 100% chance of a wintery mix tonight and tomorrow, 100%, I would never make that kind of guarantee if I was a Virginian weatherman) and construction on the S.S. Deathtrap has long ceased but Ward has moved onto a new project, a new space shuttle, I mean playroom for the kids. This new adventure in our lives is to be built right off of our bedroom in what was once our "bonus room" (also known as junk room). I meant to take pictures of the wreckage before we started the junk transition to other parts of the house but for some reason I plum forgot.

We went to Charlottesville so Ricky could buy his car. It turned out to be nicer than I had remembered, or ever knew. It was a 1995, not a 93 and where as it may not have air conditioning it has heated leather seats, all for the bargain price of $1, nice. It has a few more miles than I had realized but no one will ever be able to argue the price. The gas alone in the vehicle was worth more than the $1 that exchanged hands. So now we have a fifth car in our driveway to shuffle every time we go anywhere. We have officially declared the two car garage a wasted effort as far as vehicles are concerned, besides with the relocation of six tons of junk the garage space has come in handy. I never realized how much stuff was in the bonus room.

I should get back to the heap. I have put away eight loads so far today, only four more. Keep in mind Ward washed all twelve loads, what a great guy. We often say around here that he would be a way better stay-at-home spouse than I make, but instead he has to work and then come home and take care of all of us.


James said...

Welcome back. Glad you are feeling better. Julie and I were just commenting last night about how long it had been since we had seen a post from you.

Would have loved to see a picture of the laundry. I'm sure we could give you a run for your money. Sadly, our piles are still there. In our house, it's not "what should I wear today," rather, "what's clean?"

The space shuttle project sounds cool. If I get the stones to try to tackle finishing our basement I want to make a kick ass play room for the kids.

wesley's mom said...

I feel your laundry pain. really. like 4 or 5 times a week. I hate laundry. more and more everyday.

What is a "wintery mix"?

There really should be project starting rules, the first being,
No Starting a New One Until the Old One is DONE.

Of course, it's possible that I am feeling a little "project sensitive" because not 5 minutes ago my husband came in to announce he was going to start a new one. Apparently he's just going to slide the debris from his current projects to the side to make room for this one.

wesley's mom said...

ps-the sound of the chainsaw coming from the front yard is not making me feel better.

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Cheryle said...

So glad you're up and running... er, folding... again! I've been out of commission myself for nearly a week and am finally feeling better, too.

Men's projects are indescribably. My kids' dad finished the go-cart he started in 1976 for our OLDEST son sometime around 1992 for our YOUNGEST son! I feel your pain.

Ward and June said...

Hey, cut me some slack here. I have not abandoned my, I mean the kids' playground. It's cold people. I will finish it as soon as the weather breaks.
I AM A PROJECT FINISHER. I'm actually a little obsessive about whatever I'm working on. I thrive on completion.

And for TODAYS WEATHER LESSON, a "Wintery Mix", when said by our local weather people means that they don't know what is going to be falling on our heads, but there is a good chance that something will fall on our heads. Be it Rain, Sleet, Snow, Freezing Rain, Hail, Cats, Dogs, or Old Russian Satalites.