Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution Time

Wow, I haven't posted all year (ha, ha, ha). I have been super busy or super lazy the last few weeks and I have felt either to busy or guilty to post much but I thought we should gather round and talk resolutions. It is after all, the second of the new year and that is the time to really get on the ball.

So here are my resolutions as of now, for the new year:

1.) Get out of debt. This is important to me because we have carried little more than a car payment and mortgage payment for the past half decade. With the economy in a slump and a spec house that just won't sell, we have over the past year, incurred a little debt. It's time to pinch pennies and face dreaded ole Wal-mart. The down side, I forgot to eat any black eye peas yesterday.

2.) Lose weight. I'm big, I know it. I need to drop some weight, I know it. There I said it. Must we really talk more about it?

3.) Gain more patience. With the children getting into everything and my not wanting to be too harsh, I need to find some extra calm. Here's hoping for my kids sake that this is the new year's resolution that sticks.

So what are your big plans for the New Year. What do you want to cut out or add to your lives?

Happy New Year!!!

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wesley's mom said...

I'm still working on mine. I don't want to throw around any half baked goals. I like to think them to death first.