Thursday, January 15, 2009

In 1993 a little known, yet some would say overly sexually confident woman put out her first major album under Matodor Records (who've also given us great stuff from Belle and Sebastian, Guided By Voices, Teenage Fanclub amongst many many other things). The album went on to make Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums of all time (#328, after The Cure 'Disentegration' which was #326). However, the list is not fool proof as P.J. Harvey made the list twice and Guided By Voices and Luna didn't even make the list, but regardless, this album I'm talking about today, made the list.

Have you guess yet? The only person I am willing to be who reads my blog and whom would know who I was talking about would be my brother-in-law, for the rest of you I am probably enlightening you, or at least boring you.

Anyways, the lady is/was Liz Phair and the album "Exile in Guyville" is one of my all time top 10. It's not for everyone and my two favorite songs have quite a bit of babd language so unfortunately I do not recommend it for your teenagers, even though I think I was all of twelve the first time I heard it. It is not everyone's cup of tea, actually I don't think Ward can even stand to listen to it, but there is something about Phair, especially on this album, that really gets to me. I love the songwriting, the honesty, the bluntness. And I love to sing along so it really doesn't bother me that I only get to listen to this album when I am alone in my car.

Possibly my favorite Phair song ever (tied with one won't post because of the language):

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