Thursday, January 29, 2009

"And the impossible came true...God, I've worried over you"

Today was my ten week check-up, I was becoming increasingly more worried as the days crept by as I had been having less and less nausea (with the exception of the flu) and I just didn't 'feel' pregnant despite feeling the exact same way with the twins. Yesterday, I was virtually useless as I counted down the hours until my appointment this morning.

Fortunately, all is well. The doctor says the baby looks great and we even saw the baby moving fiercely, both it's arms and legs swimming in the amniotic fluid. I am once again, at least for the time being, calmed. Ward says that will last two weeks, at the most, and then I will be back in crazy worry mode. It does get easier once the baby is moving. But 25 % of the pregnancy is behind us, I can hopefully begin to breath easier.

Once again my doctor asked me about c-section versus vaginal delivery. It's my choice but after she listed the risks of both I have no idea which choice is the right one. At the moment, I am waiting to make a decision.

Here is the little one, the doctor kept referring to the baby as a him, could she possibly know something at ten weeks? No, right?

My doctor informed me that I am not 'special' this time around and I will not get an ultrasound at every visit. I can have an optional ultrasound at 18 weeks for gender determination but it costs $100 and isn't covered by insurance. Otherwise, they do a 22-23 ultrasound where they check all the organs and tell you the gender. I was 23 weeks when I finally found out that I was having a boy and a girl last time. I would like to do the 18 week "Blue or Pink" ultrasound but Ward is against it. How everyone expects crazy ole me to make it 12 more weeks without checking in, I have no idea. I know, that's what everyone has to do, I just think I'm a little crazier than most.

But for now I am completely happy.


wesley's mom said...

Yea! I am so happy and relieved for you. I think pregnancy makes all of us a little crazier than usual. That's just the way it goes.

It's none of my business but if you can have a baby without an incision that's the way to go. Just my worthless 2 cents.

Ward and June said...

My worry about the c-section vs. 'normal' way is that last time I went through labor and still had a c-section. I would really like to avoif both. And I know there are no guarantees, but that's my biggest worry.