Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We own that?

Last night we were moving our c.d. collection and Ward came across this and exclaimed rather loudly, "Oh my God, we own that?" Now keep in mind, he knew we owned that, but it got me thinking about some of the stuff we are less than proud to admit belongs in our collection.

Take this well taken care of Janet Jackson single. Want to know how the case broke? A chow chow was chasing me. Don't beleive me. It is a 100% true story. I fell on my brick front steps and cracked the case and I care so little about the c.d. that I never fixed the case. I should have sold some of these c.d.s but now that Plan 9 is going out of business they're probably ours forever.

Neither one of us would fess up to where this c.d. came from, but notice it's still shrink wrapped. Maybe we'll regift it next year. Any Cinderella fans out there?

In this pile we have a Vince Gill c.d. that I didn't know we owned and a Goldfinger c.d. which unfortunately, I did. UB40 isn't all that bad but there are included because of that cool collector's card that came with the c.d.

Ward wanted to include this photo as well, to prove that we do indeed have some good taste in music.


wesley's mom said...

Um, yeah, thanks a lot. That Cinderella CD was a gift from me.
Sheesh!! Some people are so ungrateful.

wesley's mom said...

I'm just kidding. That would make a great white elephant gift though.

We have some embarrassing CD's too. Paula Abdul. MC Hammer.