Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Click here. Then come back.

OK, are you back? Am I the only person that finds a Hollywood's Hottest Toddlers List tacky? Am I the only person who thinks this seems more likely a story in Star or Us Weekly or People but not Forbes?

And Suri? Really? Number 1? Shiloh definitely trumps Suri, right? And where is Violet Affleck?

But seriously, isn't it enough to grow up in thier highly successful parent's shadow and yet in the spotlight all the time. I can't get over how many lists these toddlers appear on. The cutest. The most fashionable. I think it's disgusting, personally.

But doesn't Matilda Ledger look just like Heath Ledger? So sad.


James said...

I blame the parents. There are plenty of kids with uber-famous parents that we never see (or even know about). It's celebrity prostitution if you ask me.

wesley's mom said...

The whole celebrity thing bugs me. I can't imagine why anyone would want that life for themselves, much less for their children.

Ward and June said...

It does seem sort of like prostitution or just bad parenting.

Cheryle said...

Oh, I love it when everyone agrees! Especially about something as atrocious as this is. Where is Child Protective Services when you really need them?