Friday, November 7, 2008

My Last Resort

Whoever said it was all over when the kids start walking, man I hope they were joking. Our children are standing but not yet walking, at least not without the help of their Walk N Rides. But they are into everything. And when I mean everything I mean everything except their toy box. They are into climbing the stairs, they are into opening cabinets and taking out all of the contents, they are into jumping or lunging out of their cribs, but their toys seem safe and unharmed in the toy box.

I am trying to use my authoritative "No" voice when I catch them in the act, but they just stop, look at one another and head into some other off limits zones in the house. I am trying to be understanding. I let them crawl all over the kitchen table chairs, which I would never let my other friends or family do. I let them smear broccoli all over the place and rarely, if ever complain about cleaning it up, I would never let the other people I love do that without handing them a towel or washcloth. But I am about at my wits end. I haven't been anywhere since the polls on Tuesday, maybe I am just going a little batty. I don't know.

What I do know is that my authoritative voice is not working and the only thing my children appear to be afraid of is our vacuum. Whenever I turn it on (which is after every meal or snack and when I need to do some real vacuuming of rugs and the hardwoord) they crawl as fast as I have ever seen them crawl away from the loud, mobile monster before them, eating those bits of Puffs and Waffle hidden away in thier high chairs that they were saving for later. I am terrible, I'll admit. I think it is hilarious. They don't cry but they crawl like maniacs, sometimes I leave it running for just a second or so longer because it is just so funny to watch.

Today they were getting into the Pyrex ware which is perfectly positioned at their level in the kitchen cabinets and I said "Bailey and Cooper, NO!" Bailey looked at Cooper and gave this 'should we listen to her or not' face. I then said "I'm going to get the vacuum." And they crawled off to play under the high chairs.

Thing is, I was only kidding, but now I'm realizing, maybe I am on to something.



James said...

You've got to get some video of it!

wesley's mom said...

It's probably not helpful to say this, but soon this phase will be over and you will miss it.

I can remember being so exhausted at the end of the day and I only had one at a time, I can't imagine keeping up with two.

I'm with James, bring on the video!!

Cheryle said...

That bad news is, it IS all over when they start walking! But, this, too, will pass, and as Wesley's Mom said, you'll miss it. You'll even remember it fondly!

Both of my d-i-l's learned that distraction helps, also giving them their own cabinet or shelf that isn't off limits. (I know - it'll probably be ignored, just like the toy box!)

I think babies/toddlers do those things just to see mom's (and dad's) reaction!