Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Morning...

I am suffering. No, really I am. I am having an identity crisis. As you can tell from my blog re-design I am trying to overcome the crisis, but I've a feeling I'm not there yet.

Last night I was lying in bed, unable to sleep yet again. I had a post all but written in my mind, but then sleep took me and I awoke hours later without even a clue as to what that post was even about. It was probably the solution to the crisis in which I find myself but I guess we'll never know. But I did know one thing. I am not the cutest blog on the block, so why was I pretending to be? I had to fix the problem, here all around you is the current result.

I am listening to Fleet Foxes, The Raconteurs and The National on shuffle on Rhapsody. I need a little music going on right now. It's like a little added oxygen. What a beautiful tune can do to my mood.

I finally finished that not so interesting novel I was reading, Nefertiti. I hate when reading feels like work. I am now reading The Book Thief, this month's book group selection. The writing is different and I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far.

So the identity crisis. Well, once I figure it out I will try and explain it. I figure if I could explain it I wouldn't be in crisis. I don't even know if it's a crisis, not yet anyways. It's more like identity confusion.



wesley's mom said...

I had not knowing who I am. Really, it's exhausting. Almost as exhausting as having the perfect post or chapter written in your mind but not being able to get it on paper before you forget.
It happens to me all the time, then I start to wonder if maybe I'm not as brilliant awake as I am half asleep.

I hope you like The Book Thief. I thought it was pretty good. In that sad Holocaust kind of way.

wesley's mom said...

I HATE not knowing. not had.

Obviously I am not nearly as brilliant awake as I am asleep.

Cheryle said...

Maybe you both just have small children and that takes all of your scintillating blogs right out of your mind!

James said...

You are June Cleaver. Mother of the Beav.

Ward and June said...

Cheryle that must be it. At least that's what I'm claiming from now on. When people ask, "Where Have all the good posts gone". I will simply reply, "Dreams have taken them every one" or something.

James. Are you making fun of Coop's first haircut? Shame on you. He's just a little boy, his mother didn't know what she was telling the barber. Look at me, a woman with bangs such as these should not be in charge of anybody's hair getting cut. It's that simple really.