Thursday, November 6, 2008

Um, Thank You, I Guess

My father just called me.

"I wanted to call and say Congratulations." he said.

Completely cought off guard and wondering if he's seen the pictures on my blog or something I replied, "For what?"

"Well you're the first person I knew to openly support Obama, you must be very happy and excited with his win."

"Yes, I am very happy and excited"

My father is not the Obama fan I am and only joined his camp after Clinton excited the race in June. He is a Democrat through and through though. I on the other hand really tried to educate myself and was won early on by Obama (though for a brief moment I was a Biden supporter and was happy to see him join the ticket in August). But I don't know if congratulations are in order.

Not for me anyways.


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Cheryle said...

But how nice of your dad to call you and recognize that the election was important to you! I think we all deserve congratulations for electing Obama!