Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ten Month Photos

Because I had so much fun yesterday and because I totally missed the ball on the nine month photos I decided to take Bailey and Cooper outside for a totally unposed 10 month shoot. One hundred and seventy-five photos later we decided to come in. I don't know if it is because I love taking pictures or because I find my own children irresistable, but I just kept on shooting.

This is Cooper on his knees which I just love, with our cat Sammy who just had to be in our impromptu shoot. Sammy loves people all of all sizes, but especially children.

Coop on those knees of his again, ah I just love it.

This is one of my least favorite from today, but I thought that the effect was cool with all of those bright crisp colors.

Sammy especially loves little girls.

But who can blame him?

Bailey clapping. Have I mentioned that I love Photoshop Lightroom? Thanks, Chris!


Heather said...

sooooooooooo adorable! you are a real photographer, for real.

Cheryle said...

You have beautiful children! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Have you heard anything from Supermans' mom?