Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Sharing is Bad

Several years ago for Christmas we received a Whirley Pop popcorn popper. At first I thought it was a little oddball gift that would never get used, but we purchased several yummy glazes that made the popcorn rather scrumptous. Whenever we have people over for games or brothers in from Arizona, we make the yummy popcorn, the Strawberry being a big hit with my sister-in-law as well as myself. This past week we used the last of the Strawberry (which supposedly made 48 quarts of popcorn before it was empty {if used accordingly}) while our family was in town thinking I could just replace the Strawberry glaze at Target at my earliest convenience, or my brother or sisters earliest convenience. After three trips to Target made by each of my parents children (thank you Erin and Ricky), one trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond and a lengthy search on the ole internet I am faced with these realities:

Back to Basics no longer makes Strawberry Glaze for popcorn, only Caramel (OK) and Kettle Corn (YUCK!!).

I shouldn't have made this scrumptous popcorn again for my family, even though they enjoyed it last time they were here.

I emailed the company telling them how bad a mistake they have made as I won't be buying popcorn glaze from them once every millenium (Of this I know WILL be their economic downfall I am sure) and gave them my email address in case they come across any cartons in their warehouse.

I LOVED this popcorn. I wonder if I can make my own strawberry glaze or if I can locate any on the ole e-Bay (who I despise thanks to PayPal).



I got a not so friendly email from Back To Basics that said rather shortly that they have discontinued the Strawberry Glaze. Perhaps they read my blog and were offended?


wesley's mom said...

What a valuable lesson. If you had only asked Wesley first, he could have told you, there is always a risk when you share.

Now you know.

wesley's mom said...

How could they possibly be offended by the display of love you showed for their strawberry glaze? They should be send you a complimentary case of that junk for the publicity.

Ward and June said...

I think they should have sent me a case of that NUTRICIOUS DELICIOUS GLAZE because it would have led to good publicity for them. But instead I have nothing to say about them except KETTLE CORN. How unoriginal and boring!!!