Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Love To Play Games

Ward and I love to play games. No. not mind games. Board Games. We own somewhere around 70 or so and built cabinets into our Living Room when we were building our home to store them, unfortunately they never all fit there because by the time we moved in our collection had outgrown the cabinets. In our next home we plan on having a game closet (I picture the one like in the Royal Tenenbaums).

Anyways we are planning on taking a bunch of games to the beach with us in a few weeks so we made a long list and decided that it may be too long. So the other night we started playing a few games a night to see which ones we should bring along that made the list.

Here are a few quick reviews of those games.

Lord Of The Rings. I watched all the films a few times and love them. I tried to read the books but only made it through Book 1 of The Two Towers. So how does this game rate, not bad at all for those who have seen the movie a few dozen times. I think Ward had a little harder time because he read all of the books and got some things confused from the movie. I recommend it to those who have seen the movies and love trivia games (I Love Trivia Games even though I suck at them.)

The worse thing about this game is the silly name. It too is a Trivia Game with a twist. Think Outburst meets Trivial Pursuit with more clues, if that even makes sense. This game should be played with at least five players and goes really fast.

Another Trivia game, I told you I am really into these and I can't quite find one that I am really good at. Ward is definitely the Star Wars expert in this house but I somehow managed to win (could it have been Ward's hand picking of cards to read to me knowing I would guess them right and want to bring this game to the beach, probably not). Again this game isn't too bad. There is a mix of hard and easy questions but you never know which one you will get asked. I am waiting on the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, now that is a game I could win. Or lose.

This game has been recommended to us by several family members so we drove to Roanoke this weekend to get it so that we could bring it to the beach. We have only played two player games so far but we have not been disappointed. It is in the same vain I suppose as another family favorite, Settlers of Catan, but easier to catch on and explain to newcomers. I look forward to a four or five player game (five is the max limit on this game).

Ah, my new favorite game. I won three times in a row last night and Ward wanted to play over and over again until he beat me so finally I let him win, twice. Just to be nice.


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