Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Do I Feel So Old?

Went running again today. Feel so old and out of shape and am only a little over a quarter of a century old. Ten years ago I was in pretty decent shape.

Ten years ago is a long time.

Poor Lucy, she is being a good sport running with this old gal. It was hot today too and that doesn't seem to help and Coop doesn't think much of the double jogger. Bailey slept well in it.

I am hoping to run the Academy of Fine Arts 1 Miler on July 4th. It is less than a month away but a mile seems pretty fast and easy.

Or so I hope.

At least I have begun. That's what I keep telling myself.

I was watching other people at the track this morning and thinking about how after we got married we went to the track quite frequently and even then I wasn't a very strong runner. I am ready to be in the best shape of my life. Family members keep telling me that when I hit 30 my metabolism will plummet. I need to be proactive so that I don't feel twice as old as I really am.

In other news, I got stopped at the High School this morning by a less than friendly lady who told me that I was in the bus zone. The buses WILL write my plate number down and I WILL get a fine of $250 or more. I have run at this track for years, just never at 8 am. Oops. Lesson learned.

I am also, gulp, trying to cut back on My Beloved. I am limiting myself to 2-12 oz cans a day Monday through Friday and giving myself a little more leeway on the weekend. I know I could just switch to diet, but have you ever drank Diet Cherry Coke. I would rather suck on Sucrets, thank you.



James said...

Hey, I actually like Sucrets. Am I some sort of freak?

Ward and June said...

Actually, so do I, but yes that probably makes us freaks and I still don't want to drink Diet Cherry Coke.