Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playground Update


After months spent wading through bureaucratic red-tape, we were finally able to break ground this week.

This is TOWER A, and acts as the central hub for the playground.

That leaning heap to the side of Tower A belongs to our neighbors, and is now scheduled for demolition. They couldn't stand to live in our shadow any longer.

Those two tunnels will connect Tower A to Tower B. Tower B will be located where the woodpile currently sits.

A side view of the tower shows you the custom diamond shaped windows typical of this style of architecture.

Another amenity, sought after in all forts and playhouses of this caliber, the Smuggler's Compartment. Specially designed for hiding all of those secret items you've been needing to hide.

A view from inside.

More pictures will be coming soon.



James said...

Holy freakin' awesomeness. This is the post I've been waiting for. I am so coming over to play when this is complete. This behemoth will be visible from the satellite view of Google Maps, so it shouldn't be hard to find.

wesley's mom said...

p.s. was there really red tape?

wesley's mom said...

I believe our new treehouse comes with the everpopular "smugglers compartment" also, but alas, it it so tiny in comparison to your massive tower of fun.

We are all green with envy. Some more than others.

Ward and June said...

Not the literal kind, no. But yes, there was some argumentation about when we should break ground on a treehouse for six month olds, in the end Ward finally won me over with his charm.

I didn't know you guys were building a treehouse, you too should post some pics of the construction and finished product. Any other amenities you think we should add?

And yes, like the great wall of china our treehouse should be visible from space so you shouldn't have any trouble locating it James.

wesley's mom said...

He has charm? Where does he keep it?

I will post pictures soon... It's a deathtrap in the making. The kids are pretty excited.

Ward and June said...

In my smuggler's compartment of course.

New pictures coming soon, I just erected the super-structure of Tower B today.