Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Miss You, Haley and Jaidyn, Brandon and Ella-Bo-Bella!

For over a week we had family with us. On Thursday before last my Dad and Grandmother came in for my younger brother's graduation from high school. My Grandmother, at 90 years old, was a huge help with the babies. Wanting to hold them and feed them as often as we would let her. My Dad didn't do much holding but is almost at the point of being able to tell them apart.

On Saturday before last we left at 5:13 am (only 13 minutes behind schedule) to embark on a 5-day adventure through Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia with my brother-in-law and his family. We met them around noon in Philadelphia and immediately Jon's girls wanted to hold the twins, and they did, until they left this Sunday to go home.

The older girls were great with the babies. Taking it upon themselves to change them and feed them and they wanted to hold them ALL the time. In fact, by the time they left I was looking forward to seeing my children again. The younger children were as sweet as they could be. At Union Station in DC I found my 5 year old niece Ella and her 7 year old brother Brandon singing lullabies to Bailey to lull her asleep in her stroller. It was the sweetest thing. Brandon and Ella also wanted to hold the babies. It was a sight to see Ella holding Cooper.

On Sunday, Ward and I were both home and we spent a good part of the day hanging with the babies and taking them to the pool for the first time with Lucy and Ricky.

On Monday, everyone went back to work. And Coop and Bailey have not been very happy about being left alone here with their mom who has only two arms. Not very happy at all! I have resorted to just giving in. Spending the day with them, holding them both as long as I can. I know this won't always be the case, that my children will far too quickly grow and sooner rather than later want to get down on the floor and crawl away from me and that trend will continue for the next 18 years when the week after graduating from high school they will leave the nest forever (yeah right, I know).

Last night Ward told me that I had some splaining to do about why the house was in shambles. And this morning he told me that adults our age only need 6.5 hours of sleep a night or we get lazy. I think a day home alone with the twins after twelve days of help might serve him well.

I wish we had our nieces and nephews closer. Nearing the end of this trip we started planning our next visit. This time on the coast closest to them. Five to seven days (give or take a few days) in Disneyland. I am thinking of making some bright ridiculous shirts with everyone's names on them and the dates of our trip. Yes, I really am!

I already miss our extended family. They were a lot of help and they spoiled us. At the same time having them here solidified a growing urge in my mind.

I want those eleven children.


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