Sunday, October 5, 2008

WARNING!!!! Pieces of Finger Missing

This evening we had plans for friends to come over and play games and enjoy appetizers and desserts. At 5 p.m. I was working on Apple Dumplings from the Pioneer Women's blog. I was in the middle of peeling the Granny Smith Apples when my friend Amy texted me that they were on their way, feeling hurried perhaps I sped up. Then this happened:

I peeled the tip of my finger right off the middle finger of my left hand. OUCH! My friends came over and enjoyed the Apple Dumplings (thank you Ward and Lucy for taking over). But everyone thought it was pretty funny that I peeled my skin instead of the Granny Smith Apples as was illustrated quite literally during a game of LikeWise.

Lucy's illustration.

My disturbed friends wanted to see what my finger looked like hours after the incident (about three). Bellow is what happens when you pull a bandage off a not healed wound.

WARNING, It's quite disgusting.

I warned you.

Ward says this is a lesson in nail biting. If I had nails, he said, I may still have my skin.


wesley's mom said...

I thought you were pulling a Halloween prank. I can't believe you showed it!! Sullivan and the boys are going to LOVE it.

PS-I do that all the time. ---Cut myself while I'm cooking, or sewing, or working in the yard. If there is a way to get hurt I will find it.

Heather said...

holy crap, i thought it was part of your halloween stunts, too. wow! that's SICK! but i love that you took pictures and posted them. you're so cool!

Ward and June said...

I know I thought about not posting pictures (I was actually worried someone might Flag me) but I just had to. It REALLY hurt. Still does actually.

Ward told me I should have waited and cut myself closer to Halloween.