Sunday, October 12, 2008

On Gore's Invention

I am going to attempt to write this blog in code. Partly because I am a big scaredy-cat and partly because I don't want to hurt any one's feelings should they ever read my blog, but then who am I kidding I don't think of others or their feelings on my blog and no one from high school reads my blog (except you, Falcon_81, and that's only occasionally).

So shall I begin? A person from my past however long and distant it may be has contacted me. Just in a hey how are you sort of way but I am not thrilled about it. I don't dislike this person per se but I also have less and less fond feelings for this person if you catch my drift. I am not going to be mean to the person but I am also in no mood to play catch up to someone I never really knew (though pretended to my face otherwise).

Lately I have been trying to do some soul searching on my own behalf. A self guided experiment in self discovery if you will. And as I mentioned earlier in the week, I don't have room for everything.

That sounds mean. So let me tell you this person was never incredibly nice to me and we were never that close. I don't even know how or why they contacted me to be honest. I was a little surprised and confused at the interaction. I can be and will be cordial, always, in person that is. But my life is busy and I fall behind on everything and I don't have time to spend* on inconsequential things.

That doesn't just sound mean, it is mean. I don't wish this person any ill will or anything at all like that I just don't know why she (or is it he?) is contacting me.

My sister recently told me that with Facebook and Myspace she doesn't see the point in High School Reunions. I understand (I think) exactly where she is coming from but I always thought that I would attend my high school reunion. And then someone from my past contacts me and I think, maybe I will just stay home that weekend. Don't get me wrong I like Facebook, just this week I was able to 'talk' with some old friends, some of whom from high school. But sometimes it is easier from home to reconnect. If it gets uncomfortable or goes somewhere you don't want it to you can always just log off.

Needless to say I invited the person to Book Group.

Just kidding.




Cheryle said...

It's a wise woman who knows her limitations. Why waste (there, I said it for you!) your time on someone you aren't interested in having a relationship with? You have a husband, kids, family, friends, and activities. No one can do everything (it's mentally UNhealthy to try), so you choose the things you want to do. This relationship obviously isn't one of those things.

So drop the guilt feelings and recognize that you are that imperfect thing: a human being!

Ward and June said...

Imperfect thing, perfect choice of words. Why am I beating myself up about this anyways, right.