Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Good and The Not So Good

My finger continues to bleed with every new bandage application and hurts...not so good.

The weekend is over, meaning no help with babies tomorrow, see above...not so good.

Yesterday I went shopping at the Gap and got $207 worth of clothes for $42 for the kids...pretty good.

It's hard to type with a big bandage...not so good.

I got $50 back in Amazon gift cards for using my amazon card, that's several new books...I'd say that's good.

Cooper is standing, without support...GREAT!!!

More banks expected to fail this year...not so good.

Tina Fey...hilarious.

Bailey and Cooper are 9 months old today...good and not so good.

Sorghum Festival...good.

$5 parking...not so good.


Monday mornings...not so good.

1 comment:

wesley's mom said...

I love getting great deals at the Gap (or anywhere really).

What do you do at the Sorghum Festival? What is Sorghum exactly? Did you consume any?