Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We have been back for a week now but with getting readjusted to time zones, unpacking, Uncle Billie's Day and a book deadline for book group I haven't really had the chance to write. In truth, I did begin a massive trip recount but I was boring myself eight paragraphs in and shelved that post. It's summer here and seemingly hotter than ever, may be my girth may be the humidity, whatever is causing it I am not looking forward to nine more weeks of it. We have already been to the pool twice since getting back (I know and I haven't blogged) but I am not quite confident in going it alone, the kids just somehow seem smaller at the pool and I am a huge worrier in case you hadn't realized.

Yesterday, however, was a real bummer of a day. I had my sugar and iron tested. I thought I was prepared, I wasn't. I was supposed to eat breakfast so on my way out I grabbed a Fiber One bar. However, I wasn't supposed to eat fruit and I had taken one bite of my bar when I realized it had strawberries in it. I decided not to eat the rest of it. When I got to the office I was taken in immediately and asked what I'd had for breakfast and you know what I did? I lied. This I believe is where all my troubles began. Not wanting to appear as if I couldn't understand directions I told my nurse I had a piece of toast. It's hard to find a babysitter around here and I couldn't risk having to go back another day, I know I should have been just been honest, maybe it wouldn't have even made any difference.

So I was given the yummy drink that amounts to sno cone syrup without the ice and drank it up. I then visited my doctor, or rather I suppose she took three minutes to visit me. I shared with her my intentions of a VBAC and she told me that her collegues would support my decision as long as the baby wan't too big and as long as I went into labor on my own. She told me they would rather do a c-section that try and induce a labor that isn't prgressing. I am hoping labor happens on its own because I think being induced caused a few problems last time. Unfortunately, it sounds like a c-section is still possibly in my future. I have to wait until 36 weeks or possibly later to know for sure. At times I wonder if I should just take the easy route and have it scheduled. But then I wonder if that's really the 'easy' route when I consider recovery.

So I waited an hour for my blood to be tested and was able to finish my book. They called me at exactly an hour and tested my glucose levels. They were 167. The lady, apparently thinking my sugar shouldn't be that high switched machines and tested my levels again. 166. Anything over 140 requires a 3 hour test at the hospital to determine whether or not you have Gestational Diabetes. With Bailey and Cooper my doctor told me I could be at risk for GD, my sugar was 120. However, I ate breakfast like I was supposed to. Now I don't know if not eating breakfast effected the outcome or not but I think perhaps my lying did. So instead of telling the truth and perhaps rescheduling the one hour I lied and got what I deserved, a nice four hour or so visit to the hospital.

But there is also this possibility, I have gestational diabetes. I was a little concerned with this potential prognosis until I came home and read about it on the internet. What it could mean for baby has me a lot more frightened. To name just a few: Large birth weight (thus garanteeing a c-section that comes with it's own risks for baby), hypoglycemia, respiratory problems, jaundice, and the most frightening, stillbirth. With these things in mind I have already made changes in my diet, starting immediately. No more Strawberry Shortcakes for dessert, less syrup on pancakes, more milk and water.

I know there is a good chance that I don't actually have Gestational Diabetes or that anything will happen to Sean but it is my nature to worry. I know several women who had to take the three hour test and passed and a few more who had GD and had healthy babies but I have been in a funk for the past 24 hours. I have the three hour test next Tuesday but I won't hear back immediately on that one so I will have this hanging over my head for at least another week or more.

On the bright side, I will be eating healthier from fear of GD and that can't be a bad thing, right?

I also failed the iron test. Mine was 10.3, they want to see 10.5. Fortunately, all that means is a Slow Iron Fe every morning. The worst part of that deal is the O.J. that has to accompany it.


wesley's mom (sue) said...

Sorry!! I wish (once again) that we lived closer, not that there anything I could do about the diabetes, but at least I could watch your kids while you are out drinking sno cone syrup.

Jacqueline said...

following from mbc. stop by

Hoolie said...

It seems I may be with you. I'm scheduled for my 3 hour glucose test tomorrow morning. As someone who has already been through gestational diabetes with the twins, I wouldn't let it freak you out. Stay away from the pop and candy, manage your blood sugar, and you and the baby will be fine. I'm not sure if you were or weren't positive, but if you were I'm sure everything will turn out okay.