Tuesday, June 30, 2009

But have you seen his movies?

I love to lurk on other people's blogs and most recently, baby boards. Some of the posts are serious and I learn a little and other posts are just purely for fun. Today I came across a post that was basically a "Your husband has been run over by a very large truck and you are no longer pregnant and you HAVE to choose a celebrity to help 'get you through this difficult time', who would you choose, when obviously all you are thinking about is your poor husband who isn't dead (thank God) but just in the hospital." OK, that isn't word for word what the post said, the gist was basically asking what celebrity do you secretly lust for.

Far and away, the most popular answer:

Turns out many people are also pining for Dwayne Johnson, Edward Cullen (please already), Vin Diesel, and John Travolta.

OK, I undestand that you may not all agree with Adrien Brody, I can understand that. I myself am torn with whether the big nose is really all that lustworthy. I just really love his work. The thing is I thought about it for a few mintues. Not that I was going to post an answer, I was just curious about who I would, should this happen to me, be looking for. Turns out, I don't really find actors all that hot. It's characters I fall for. Take John Krasinski for instance. He isn't hot or steamy but I just love Jim Halpert, the character. For like 15 years I have been harboring the smallest crush on Lloyd Dobbler, not John Cusack. Other than character's with certain character traits, I just lust for my husband:

What? That isn't Todd? Oh, I swear it looks like him, at least when Todd had long hair. Well, I guess if he should happen to be walking by the hospital, he could come on in.

But now I'm curious, what characters or celebrities do you like?

*This blog is written entirely in jest. I love my husband very much and besides have you seen recent pictures of Gavin Rossdale, Todd has aged way better than he has.


wesley's mom (sue) said...

Um, I guess you know that I will be picking Daniel Craig--but only the James Bond version. I could also stand an imaginary relationship with John Stewart. He's my kind of funny. And funny is waaay more important than good looking.

Cheryle said...

Okay, I really, really like George Clooney. I know, he's so three years ago, but since I also like Richard Gere (especially in certain movies) and Paul Newman (who's dead, for Pete's sake!) I'm just telling you about George Clooney.