Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All These Pictures of You

I am doing the most tedious job possible. I am looking through, deleting, copying, and saving over 4000 pictures onto my Maxtor One Touch External Hard Drive. I am already in for over three hours and not done. Problem is I haven't gone through my pictures and saved them to the drive in over a year. That's a lot of pictures accumulated. Also, I haven't developed a picture since Thanksgiving when I was working on albums for Christmas presents so I am also going through and picking a few to develop (you know 300 or so) because I can't survive with a digital album alone. There's just something about me and pictures. I don't like to be in them but I love to take them, save them, print them, look at them over and over. But Digital Cameras have turned out to be a great invention for someone like me that takes way too many pictures. At the rate I was going I would have to rent storage space just for my photos.

And it isn't just my own photos. I love to look at everyone's photos. Seriously. If I ever come over and you have nothing else to entertain me with, just shove an album in my lap and I will seriously be enthralled for at least a half hour. I love to see how people used to look, see their smiles, the honest ones and the cheesy for the photographer ones. I like to see the places other people have gone, what they took pictures of, what they wished to remember. I think it's sad that so many people are developing less pictures and just greedily keeping all their pictures to themselves on their personal hard drives.

I know that I can go over the top so I have put a new limit to my picture developing, which to be honest got really out of hand last winter when the twins were born and I developed 600 pictures of newborn babies not doing anything. I am aiming for two albums a year, unless of course we go somewhere like Disneyland and then that deserves an album all to itself, right?

OK, I know my obsession with pictures is something I have to work through, but not while my kids are so small and cute.


James said...

I don't even bother trying. I noticed one day I had snapped over 100 pictures... just at dinner. I don't have the printing issue though. I consider anything I post to my blog as "printed."

Trike said...

Let's see all these pictures.

Then take the next step of assembling them into a movie.

Alexis said...

Hey, I would love to make a movie, with music. Please tell me how or direct me to the right place that can show me how. I have been wanting to make one of those cool slideshow/movies with music sorts of things for ages.