Friday, June 26, 2009

The Results Are In

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with my doctor. As usual I waited for almost an hour to be seen for almost five minutes, but I believe that is just the way doctor's office visits go. Maybe they fear that if they were more efficient patients may fuss over the costs of a ten minute visit even more. Maybe the one hour plus visit is used to trick us?

Sorry, just thinking about my wasted time and the skyrocketing price of health care. But back to my point, the first thing my doctor told me was that all four of my levels (the fasting and three hour levels) were all within completely normal levels. I do not have gestational diabetes. She said that she didn't know why my levels were so high at the one hour, it must have just been a fluke she said but we had to test and see. I know it was no fluke but rather the equivalence to being smote for lying about my breakfast that morning. Whatever the case may be I am pleased to have that behind me and to know that all looks normal.

I am now on two week visits. With the twins I would have loved to have two week visits because I was constantly worried. Now I only worry about whom I am going to get every two weeks to watch the twins. But with two week visits it definitely feels as if this pregnancy is winding down.

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Cheryle said...

I'm so glad everything is okay! I know you were worried, but please remember: Don't ever lie to medical people! Too much is at stake. (I think you realize that, but I would be remiss in being Mother To The Entire World if I failed to point it out!

I've missed reading you lately - my bad, not yours, of course! My new granddaughter was born (induced) last Tuesday and she's gorgeous!

Stay cool and Sean will be in your arms before you know it!