Friday, January 29, 2010

Title? Really? For every Post?

I was going to write and send thank you notes today for the twin’s birthday party that took place more than two weeks ago.

But the phone wouldn’t stop ringing and my concentration was broken over and over.

I was going to bake a Chocolate Cavity cake.

But I can't seem to get my bowl to be removed from the Kitchenaid stand. Seriously.

I was going to wash my hair.

But it's all just going to fall out anyways.

I was going to pay my taxes.

But I forgot that I am completely broke.

I was going to write a few posts.

But I am frustrated and sad and have no original ideas or thoughts that are my own.

I was going to run.

But sick kids make for poor sleepers and early risers, who cares if I'm fast anyways?

Oh, that's right. I do.


wesley's mom (sue) said...

Really, it's called a chocolate cavity cake?

Washing your hair is over rated. Sick kids don't care if your hair is clean.

And if it's any consolation (which I'm sure it's not) I bet you are WAY faster than me.

Heather said...

you ARE fast.

Trike said...

Chocolate cavity search!