Monday, January 11, 2010

Minor setbacks and excursions

Sometimes achieving your goals is just harder than you imagined, even if they appear completely attainable. I had every intention of running 15 miles last week. 15 miles. Doesn't even sound like all that much, but there is so much on the calendar and on the to-do list and 15 miles was a measly 6 miles by weeks end.

I'm not giving up, that was just week one. But this week (I am starting my week's on Monday) I am going to aim high and realize that I am just not a fan of the treadmill. Yesterday, our team madness ran a mock 5k at a park nearby. It was cold. About 24 degrees. And there was still ice and snow on the ground from the snow that fell a week before Christmas. But I managed to come in on this flat and easy trail in under 25 minutes. That forces me to realize that the treadmill is a necessary evil to keep up my physical ability during these treacherous winter months (this is shaping up to be the coldest winter I have ever known).

Last week was a little setback to my goals, but I'm not giving up. Instead I am filling up the calendar with early spring races and looking ahead to the half marathon and running on the beach.

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