Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The craze that's sweeping the nation. Like a crimper but for your hips.

So apparently there is this aerobic fitness program that blends dance moves with resistance training and it has become so popular that there are 40,000 people teaching it in over 75 countries.

The program, which you may have heard of, is Zumba and one of those 40,000 people resides here in the city we live in and teaches a class twice a week at a local dance studio not even a block from Romp 'N Roll. One of Bailey and Cooper's friends mom was going to go for the free session last night and wanted to know if any of us other mom's wanted to give it a try. Naturally, I said 'why the heck not?'

Once upon a time I was into fitness. I wasn't very fit but I wanted to be a member of the local YMCA (one block over from the dance studio here in Mayberry), and there I got to try out classes for Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, and more often than anything else Aerobics. Now that I am running, biking and ever so occasionally lifting weights I thought it was a great time to add something else to the mix so I don't burn out on the other activities.

So last night after I overstuffed myself on Macaroni and Cheese and Rosemary Texas Rolls I got dressed and headed over to the small dance studio where the class is taught. There were six other females in the class as well as the instructor. I was seconds late so the class started as I was walking in the door.

It was quite the experience. I learned several things about myself that if I already knew I had forgotten in the past five years. I have no rhythm, nope none what so ever. I stayed in the back of the room and kept wondering if I attend the class regularly if my rhythm would ever improve. I also have very poor coordination skills. If I wasn't regularly looking foolish I was still two steps behind. However, I felt great, I did work up a sweat but it wasn't so much that I had to stop and take a breather and I was able to keep up with the others who mostly looked like they did this sort of thing nightly.

Overall, I loved it. I doubt that I will ever have the skills of Shakira when it comes to belly dancing as my hips are compulsive liars and I don't think the song Boom Boom Pow will ever grow on me but I think that I will go back next week. You know, just for fun.


Cheryle said...

Good for you! I kind of stumbled into tai chi a year ago and I'm still at it. Haven't yet fallen on my butt - though it's been touch and go a couple of times.

You go, girl!

Heather said...

haha loveeeeeeeeee it! :) glad you went, i need to go. they have zumba at the y r you?