Sunday, January 17, 2010


First, let me just say that I am a bakeaholic and having a new baking blog is turning out to be very bad for what I was trying to get to be my new and improved eating habits. Now my eating habits consist of two cinnamon bagels followed by Double Chocolate Ghiradelli Cookies. I never thought of myself as much of a sweets fan until about four months ago but now I can't seem to control myself.

Our weekends are so busy that I can't even compile a complete to do list before Sunday night rolls around. We have had birthday parties the last three weekends and next weekend we have a baby shower to celebrate a new person for whom we'll have a party to attend next year. Not that I'm complaining, I like cake. But it does make getting to the grocery store and fitting in a decent training session even harder than before.

Fortunately, however, we were lucky enough to have Todd's mom help us out this weekend and yesterday she came over to spend the afternoon with the children and Todd and I went for a good long training session. We ran over 7 miles, four of them through icy trails and snowy paths from the snow that fell over a month ago, followed by 10 miles on our bikes. Todd got a bike for Christmas and hadn't gotten a chance to take it for a test drive. He wanted to go 15 miles but the trails were really icy and slowed us down a bit and we don't like to leave our children for too long. Overall it was a good day. It's nice to have a few people who will watch the three children so that we can get a good run in. The 7 miles yesterday really wore me out so I know I have a long ways to go before I'm ready for a half marathon.

It's the end of the week and I have failed yet again to reach my measly goal of 15 miles yet again. This upcoming week I think I may aim for less distance more often. I am having a hard time getting in a long run and so I'm just putting running off. I think going downstairs and getting on the treadmill whenever I get a chance may result in more miles overall. I may just take to wearing my workout clothes all day long.

But tonight I am in the mood to bake. Maybe a Banana 'N Cream Bundt Cake.


wesley's mom (sue) said...

I can't help it. I am seriously impressed with all the running.

I say, you should eat all the cookies you want!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Oh, and I'm gonna need that banana cake recipe.

Alexis said...

I can't keep my hands off of it. But then I love bread.